About Us

Hustle & Bustle propels brands ahead of the curve and on to the agenda of the day. Our team of expert communicators, creators and producers use their talents to making brands relevant, talked about and sought-after.

Our distinctive brand experience and publicity methods help brands win market share, launch products, take a new position, attract new customers, challenge the establishment, get on the news and social trend agenda.

Gemma Ross
Co-founder & Director

Andrea Hammond
Co-founder & Director

Rebecca Paul

Milly Hewat
Account Director

Hannah Powrie
Account Director

Freya Munro-Goodey
Singapore Business Director

Claudia Capp
Account Manager

Ben Tucker
Account Manager

Sina Honeyman
Account Manager

Molly Morton
Agency Assistant

Jared Donkin
Content Creator

Setia Vegawati
Account Executive