What they say about us

Hustle & Bustle are good and different. They are great at what they do and they also offer something a bit different than your traditional PR agency. Sure they can do all the normal "in the box" PR type of thing but the real value with working with H&B comes when you give them some freedom to think beyond that, to be creative and come up with new and interesting ideas for your brands. They are great at creating really unique and ownable solutions to give you a much more meaningful and sticky connection with your target consumers. They are also incredibly well connected within the New Zealand market which opens a lot of doors that potentially would not otherwise be available. This is an intangible asset and a huge benefit of working with them that should not be underestimated.

- Michael Morton, Commercial Director, Bacardi NZ

Gemma and Andrea have helped me think through some of the most important things I've been trying to clarify about where I want to head, the things I'd like to do and how I should go about doing it.

They are a well-connected, passionate, energetic duo who know how to bring all the right people together to create inspirational outcomes. Hustle &Bustle have a brilliant sensibility of the nuances of great creative outcomes and well told stories, grounded in strategic insight.

I'm really glad to call them friends and partners : - )

- Derek Handley, entrepreneur, author and movement-maker

When it came to selling the original "Mickey to Tiki" by artist, Dick Frizzell, I knew the story behind this iconic artwork had strong appeal but it needed maximum exposure to attain the best possible price.

So I followed up on a firm recommendation to connect with Hustle & Bustle.

I'm so glad I did.

Their immediate empathy with the tale to be told, their collective ability to prioritise what was required, their wide-ranging contacts and their attention to detail were all so perfectly fitting.

In brief, Gemma and Andrea and their comprehensive PR skills were instrumental in achieving a fabulous result.

In future, I will have no hesitation in working with Hustle & Bustle again and am happy to thoroughly recommend anybody else to do the same.

- Kieran Smyth, owner Smyth Galleries and former owner of Mickey to Tiki tu Meke.

Hustle & Bustle is one of the exciting new right-for-the-times ‘hybrid agencies’ that demonstrate what happens when 2 of the biggest trends driving business growth come together - the fast-moving global technoculture and the people-first world of sustainable wellbeing. These new hyper-connected, participatory agencies blend marketing and PR, wellbeing and branding, social change and social media, 5 star and casual, networking and sponsorship…..hybridisation is their MO. So it makes perfect sense to me that their standout specialties are entrepreneurial networking, good-conscience projects, uber-connected hi tech hi touch campaigns and influence marketing.

- Jill Caldwell, Director, Windshift

What I love about Hustle & Bustle is their ability to effectively contribute to everything from top level strategy to the most micro detail, and everything in between.

Invite Hustle & Bustle in to work closely and creatively with your team. Because you'll not only get the immediate results but your team will be better for the experience and you'll gain the long term benefits from the collaboration.

- Sunil Unka, Trustee, Kiwis for kiwi and International Marketing and Communications Manager, Ecostore

Hustle & Bustle were the driving force behind the successful launch of L&O to the New Zealand market last November. Initially we went to Hustle & Bustle because of an established friendship with Gemma, her excellent reputation in the market and a willingness to support another start up business.

Hustle & Bustle does not operate within the classical parameters of PR as her scope, ability and the responsibility she is willing to assume far exceed this.

Hustle & Bustle offered us sophisticated solutions to our media and wider public launch that came in on budget and helped present the brand as a world-class luxury proposition from day one. I like Hustle & Bustle’s willingness to put skin in the game and the understanding that sales are the bottom line for any business. With Hustle & Bustle there is no time for fluff or BS and I like that even more. Hustle & Bustle deliver a measurable and in our experience compelling return on investment. I happily recommend them, will readily work with them again and we consider them the benchmark for judging our overseas PR activity.

- Eddie von Dadelszen, Commercial Director, Love & Object

These guys are the real deal!  They do more than PR - they are part of our team.  They love Blunt as much as we do and are real connectors, hustling and bustling for us.  And they have talented people in our key markets.  We've just returned from meeting the New York team  - couldn’t be happier and are really excited about what we can get done over there.

Scott Kington, Founder, Blunt Umbrellas