Maggie Marilyn ‘Somewhere’ Launch

The Maggie Marilyn Somewhere campaign not only launched a new line but also educated the fashion lovers and wider fashion industry on the importance of sustainable and ethical fashion.

We flipped the traditional fashion launch model on its head by leading with the mission, affordable and circular fashion line story with the aim to inspire a different way of shopping and dressing.

Through a PR-led campaign we introduced Somewhere’s mission and demonstrated the circular process, challenging consumers to think differently about fashion and shop via their values instead of just the seasons. This was supported by a launch event at Maggie Marilyn's NZ showroom where guests (including makers, loyal customers, media, and friends of the brand) chatted one-on-one with Maggie and explored the new line.

Following the event the new showroom was opened to the public for designer Maggie to connect with customers and introduce the range.

Maggie Marilyn's Somewhere collection and sustainable crusade graced the covers of multiple newspapers and magazines, and featured in all top lifestyle and fashion publications around the country. The campaign helped the brand sell out of some lines creating a wait list for cult-like garments.